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Dr. William Thatcher and the staff of Thatcher Chiropractic serve the residents of Baldwin, New York and many of the local communities. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Workers' Compensation injuries.

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Workers' Compensation Q & A

What is Involved in a Workers' Compensation Case?

A Workers' Compensation case involves several different steps. Once an injury occurs, it must be reported immediately to the person's employer. As soon as the employer has been notified, the employee must seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury takes place. The chiropractor or other doctors will perform a complete evaluation to determine the extent of the injuries that were received during the accident. The doctor must be able to discern what health conditions were already present and what ones can be attributed to the injury itself. The doctor will then create a treatment plan designed to help the patient overcome his work related injuries. Once the doctor has created the treatment plan and estimated the amount of time needed for healing, he will submit his report to the attorney or judge in charge of the case.

What are Commonly Reported Injuries Associated With Workers' Compensation Claims?

The most common accidents associated with Workers' Compensation injuries include slip and falls, blunt force trauma, and back injuries attributed to improper lifting techniques. Most of these accidents can cause a variety of injuries including chronic back pain, joint pain, neck pain and head injuries. A chiropractor can effectively diagnose and treat most injuries that are received in Workers' Compensation accidents. The chiropractor can also estimate an appropriate timeline for the prognosis of the patient's condition, as well as fill out all of the necessary paperwork that is needed by the court to make an accurate assessment of the total cost of the care that is needed.

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Workers' Compensation Case?

The severity of the person's injuries will determine how long it takes for their injuries to fully heal so they can return to work. In most cases, the normal healing time can range from 6-8 weeks. If the patient's injuries are extensive and involve multiple locations on the body, the length of healing time may be extended even further. The doctor's evaluation will determine the patient's health prior to the accident and provide an estimated timeline that is based on the patient's existing health conditions and the nature of their new injuries.


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